1013 Artists ♥️ YUNGOUL ♥️ has become GHOULY VORHEES

The 1013 Music Artist formerly known as YUNGOUL (young ghoul) has transformed into his new skin… Ghouly Vorhees which can be found on such music sites and playlist like that of SoundCloud. Just look up by artist using the former spelling “yungoul” or the new “Ghouly Vorhees” If you didn’t know already, Ghouly Vorhees is an integral part of the team here at Ten-Thirteen Studio Productions. This young, emerging Artist has so much flavor! As I hear “So If you don’t know, now you know, you know!” plays out in my head.

Ghouly Vorhees@whyghoul

It goes without saying but we’re saying it anyway…We are extremely excited for what today and the future brings from Yungoul. A BIG shout out to all of his fans! Thank You for your continued support! If you weren’t a fan before, you will be soon enough. It’s no surprise that this independent, eclectic, and unforgettable artistry comes from Orange County or The Real OC where so many musicians, songwriters and bands have inspired and heard the world over!  It took a lot from Yungoul to realize that love not take away from one in order to love another before the journey to find himself was realized that he is already found. That the soul-searching was more the missing parts of his life…his relationship with both of the halves of 1013.

Now Despite the dozens of friends whose lives were taken or who had taken their own, or those souls that succumbed to a force greater than they realized, Yungoul did not succumb. The love lost, hurt felt and the darkness which proceeded found a new light. That is where we are today. It’s all reflected in his artistry. Yungoul stomping grounds was that of Costa Mesa, California. This is all just part of SoCal where he grew up, Just minutes from the tragic kingdom (Disneyland). 

In the first part of next year there will be a press release with more details on what’s to come from Yungoul such as upcoming venue dates, special event news and track releases. So stay tuned, there is a lot more in the mix…

“It is in the darkness that we find our greatest light”

– CMH, Founder of 1013 Music (One of the Halves)