LulStick Debut Album Releases on St. Patricks Day!


An aspiring American Rap/R&B artist “LulStick” releases his self-titled debut album on March 17th, 2019. The album titled “Lul$tick” will be made available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, and all streaming services, internationally. LulStick is a Hip Hop / Rap Artist from Oklahoma City represented by 1013 Music out of Moore, Oklahoma.

“As a performer, singer, and songwriter, sharing a part of myself with an audience is nothing new, but releasing music to the public is completely foreign to me. For something that feels so long awaited, it is equally exciting and terrifying letting the world know who I am,” says LulStick. “There has been so much hard work, dedication and passion put into this album, and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it.

LulStick Debut Album "Lul$tick"LulStick debut album also features two other local artists from 1013 Music which is “Anti” and “PHNTM” plus a song with an artist named “L’acid.” Additionally, there are two songs with Producer Yung Pear and one song with Producer Josh Petruccio and one with Producer Oaker.

This local artist LulStick has been making industry waves, well before this official release of his album. LulStick is an aspiring American Rap/Hip-Hop artist who also been known by his earlier stage name “Fredo1k.” It was right after high school that he began writing his lyrics and producing songs. It wasn’t long until LulStick was introduced to the different artist in the business that has since inspired him to improving his rap game and musical skills.

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The album “Lul$tick” is a modern pop/R&B blend with hip-hop beats and comical undertones that brings a fresh sound to the scene. LulStick has a very authentic way to his rhyming and how he engages himself with the beats and melodies of the song. For more info contact C. Mathew with 1013 Music at 702-703-HALL

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