Ghouly Voorhees The Death of a Young Legend

Gavin Mathew Hall a.k.a., Ghouly Voorhees 10/13/1999 to 01/21/2021


It was January 21st, 2021 that the World would first learn of the loss of
one of the most artistic and iconic human beings known to many as Ghouly
Voorhees or “Ghouly”.

After his move out to Oklahoma City areas in Norman, Oklahoma Ghouly meet
his new found friend Music, where he found solace. It was Hip Hop/Rap or even
known as Trap Music where the beginnings or the foundation from which he began.
It was his own thoughts and recent encounters with death and the many death of
friends from Costa Mesa, California all the way out to his new home in Norman,
Oklahoma where he was inspired to create music and lyrics to reflect the beauty
and sadness of life.

Ghouly also loved to create art, and he soon started to experiment with
fashion. By combining the two he began to release his own line which began
taking off and becoming popular in Southern California and soon other artists
and celebrities were wearing his designs. Selling out of stock in stores on
Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles to other Stores and Anti Malls from Costa Mesa to
Las Vegas to Phoenix to Oklahoma City to New York and Beyond the States to
every Continent in this World of ours.

Ghoul’s music was starting to gain attention and people were amazed or some
shocked by the new sound he had created. At times his lyrics were haunting and
emotional, and his sound was unlike all the music being played at the time.
Ghouly’s popularity was growing, but he was dealing with personal demons that
were slowly tearing him apart inside.

On this day, it was Ghouly’s own demons that won! After he awoled from a
sober living facility in Huntington Beach, California, Ghouly made his way over
to his Mom’s house in Costa Mesa. Upon arrival, once again he found himself
being accused of many things that she would fail to understand. He only seeked
her acceptance of him and to love unconditionally. Unlike his relationship with
his father, who by the way Ghouly shared a birthday with on October 13th, he
was always meet with conditions and or expectations that he felt he has meet
and that nobody including his mom could ever really explain what they were.

So again he found himself alone with his thoughts and his presence having no
impact or staying power, he made his way back up to LA to a friend’s spot.
Letting them know he is on his way, they told him where to find a key and that
they would be back in a few hours and they would catch up with him then.

Tragically, that was the last time anybody would hear Ghouly Voorhees’s
voice. For when the friends finally got home, they found Ghouly unresponsive
and white as a ghost. Apparently, he had overdosed. When the report came back
from the lab which his father had ordered, it was found that high levels of
Fentanyl were in his system.

But his music continues to be listened to and fans from the world over still
pay their respects and enjoy Ghouly Voorhees musical sound. Though his lyrics
can be a little haunting and emotional, his music is still unlike anyone has
ever heard before. Ghouly started a New Genre of Music that has inspired many

To this day, it’s a genre that has as many followers as the Hip Hop or
Alternative Rock, but remains without a label, nameless if you will. For many
are now a part of it, but not one can put their finger on it. Like Ghouly Voorhees,
it’s not just one thing but many things that defy him. The closest thing to a
label for his genre of music or the style or sound, I would have to say is
just… 1013 Music.