DEAD PHNTM and LIL S3mi – Purgatory – Corona Freestyle post thumbnail

Just released by DEAD PHNTM and LIL S3mi of Purgatory is their New Song “Corona Freestyle”.

You can find these local 405 Artists on under there respective artist names or link below to listen to DEAD PHNTM on Soundcloud or link to LIL S3mi on Soundcloud. Recently these two artist have come together to form the group called Purgatory. We’ve seen these two put together some great songs together her at 1013 Music Studios. We’re sure there will be a lot of fresh tracks to come in the next few months  as well.

By now you can imagine that the song has some influence from the new life changing and rulers of the world who have released upon this earth this new strain called COVID-19, also known as The Corona Virus.

They also have another song out that is called “R.I.P. The Fallen” which was written with the current events police brutality like in the case of George Floyd and all the other countless lives lost in senseless violence committed by those who are sworn to protect and serve us! You can here that song by clicking below or on soundcloud.

God save us all!

LIL S3mi

If you are unsure how to pronounce the artists names, you should click on the links down below the names to hear the pronunciation in english.

Artist: PHNTM (Phantom)


Featuring Artist: LIL S3MI (little simi)