ghouly voorhees

Ghouly Voorhees The Death of a Young Legend

Gavin Mathew Hall a.k.a., Ghouly Voorhees 10/13/1999 to 01/21/2021   It was January 21st, 2021 that the World would first learn of the loss of [...]
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Ghouly Voorhees Gavin Hall

GHOULY VOORHEES formerly known as ♥️ YUNGOUL ♥️

The 1013 Artist formerly known as YUNGOUL (young ghoul) or “Ghouly”, has transformed into his new skin… Ghouly Voorhees! So when looking for Ghouly’s Music, [...]
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song back back


Some talent here from your local 405 Artists! Money Junkie and Lil S3mi(little simmy) with their song “Back Back” (prod. @JACKPOT). Find em on [...]
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Purgatory the band

DEAD PHNTM and LIL S3mi – Purgatory – Corona Freestyle

Just released by DEAD PHNTM and LIL S3mi of Purgatory is their New Song “Corona Freestyle”. You can find these local 405 Artists on [...]
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lul stick

1013 Artist LulStick @lulstick (Lul$tick) on SoundCloud

1013 Music Artist LulStick can be heard on SoundCloud under Lul$tick or @LulStick on soundcloud. Even though he is still working on his first 2 [...]
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Artist “Anti” or Tytheshoe on SoundCloud

1013 Music Artist Anti can be heard on SoundCloud under Tytheshoe. This young emerging artist hails out of The Oklahoma City Metro Area. Stay tuned [...]
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LulStick Debut Album Releases on St. Patricks Day!

OKLAHOMA CITY ARTIST LULSTICK DEBUT ALBUM TO BE RELEASED ON ST. PATRICKS DAY An aspiring American Rap/R&B artist “LulStick” releases his self-titled debut album on [...]
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DEADPHNTM (Dead Phantom) Musical Artist PHNTM

Speaking of DEADPHNTM…Where does one start? His work has been progressing and taking the World by Storm!!! It’s safe to say that this Musical Artist [...]
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Huntington Beach Orange County

Your Rights…Stand up for them!!!

In regards to Your Rights and the current state of things and protesters in States like California, be aware that they are not protesting social [...]
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PHNTM Phantom

Artist PHNTM (Phantom) on SoundCloud

1013 Music Artist PHANTOM can be heard on SoundCloud under PHNTM. Originally from Vacaville, Ca. you’ll find PHNTM amongst the crew at 1013 in Oklahoma [...]
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